Backend (10)

Backend only boilerplates

# Using ThisNameCommits
  0Cookiecutter Django55781487
  1Flask Base1350180
  0Flask Foundation1099123
  0Flask Appengine Template1034210
  0Django Hackathon Starter965176
  0Flask Bootstrap16741
  0Django Starter Template7929
  0Django Boilerplate5511
  1Flask Rest Boilerplate10n/a

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Desktop (1)

Desktop only boilerplates

# Using ThisNameCommits
  0Electron React Boilerplaten/an/a

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Frontend (8)

Frontend ony boilerplates (JS + HTML, pure JS or pure HTML)

# Using ThisNameCommits
  0HTML5 Boilerplate369439128
  0React Arc117294
  0Gulp front13041
  0React Boilerplaten/an/a
  0React Slingshotn/an/a
  0Scalable React Boilerplaten/an/a

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Fullstack (10)

Boilerplates with backend and frontend technologies configured

# Using ThisNameCommits
  0Django React Boilerplate793173
  0Essential Kit228
  2Thorgate's Django template182
  0Django React/Redux Basen/an/a
  0Express React Redux Startern/an/a
  0Flask React Boilerplaten/an/a
  0Laravel AngularJSn/an/a
  0React Production Startern/an/a
  0React Redux Starter Kitn/an/a

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Mobile (0)

Mobile only boilerplates

# Using ThisNameCommits

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